1 Reason why people will love your photo shoot.

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Figuring out what to wear for your photos shouldn’t be something to stress about. Photo shoots are the most exciting events. People get a lot of pressure to look good and feel confident in front of the camera, when all they need is colored outfits that feel comfortable and relaxing. Some people go from wardrobe to wardrobe looking for the best clothes for the cameras. Exquisite is good but colorful is perfect. Whatever the occasion just go bright. Find anything and everything bright in your wardrobe and get rolling.

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Colorful outfits enhance your natural beauty especially for people who love light make up. For a great camera look, coordinate all your outfits with bright colors which will compliment and give you a smashing look. For my people who don’t fancy colors…hmmm u may need to brighten up those dull outfits. If you must wear black or any other dull colors then you need to accessorize the outfit with a touch of color or wear bright lipstick, eye shadow, colored beads or jewelry and bright shoes to make it shimmer. This will help bring out boldness which flatters you beautifully without blinding the camera. Swapping dull heels with colored flip flops is also a rich accessory which will make you feel more relaxed.

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Never, never and never wear outfits that will make you loose your confidence or will need constant adjusting because the better you feel in your clothes, the best u will look in front of the camera; so ma dear don’t over think it.

  My favorite photos are the ones where people are themselves. This creates a relaxed mood thus great natural poises .Wearing an outfit you’re comfortable in will only highlight your style and personality. Whether you want to wear jeans and a t-shirt, shorts, or a dress, ensure that you add color to it. This will make your happiness show through and influence the overall mood in the photos.

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As a photographer, photo sessions are an opportunity for me to spend some time with you, while you warm up in front of the camera and show off your personalities. In most cases I advise my clients to carry bright outfits or at least something colorful for the shoot. Trust me; color has works miracles for most of them.

If you are the type that loves outdoor photos, then go wild with color madness and do it the summer style



Through photographs, we preserve history and all important moments in our lives…..but with beautiful and bright photos we make moments more memorable and exciting. Lets make photo shoots flashy and shimmering by wearing bright colors or adding color to your outfits.


Oh, this last photo,  :-)  ……………….check out my next post.


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