Top wedding photographers in Kenya

Twinnie and George

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Hey my people!!.. 2018 was full of Gods Grace. I met couples who were unbelievably different, I think last year was one of the swiftest (if there is such a word)years of my career. One of this matches was this one here.  ”Hi Muchiri, please send me your wedding packages” I did and anyway, I […]

Top photographers in Kenya

Love bug in an I-Pod

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A virus is associated with disruption and an unsettling of some kind and while this disturbance is usually negative, in Rosalind and Anthony’s love story, a virus in her I-pod served as the love bug agent that brought them together. These two love birds met back in 2011 when they both joined University and as […]

Best wedding photographers in nairobi and mombasa (94)


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Love is the propeller to life’s wheels and finding the right partner to ride with, makes the journey worthwhile. Ken and Angie’s story was first woven in campus where they met and fell head over heels in love with each other. Ken is a boisterous soul whose avid enthusiasm for cars can almost be matched […]

Best wedding photographers in kenya


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Makena, a very soft spoken lady, was referred to us by her friend for her wedding video and photos coverage. On the phone you could pick the joy in her voice as she inquired about Muchiri Frames packages.She said she had loved our work from the blog. Nothing beats such approvals by clients. They challenge […]

Wedding photographers in Kenya


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Rarely do you get to capture a minister of the word’s wedding. This time, Muchiri Frames was honoured to photograph a man of God’s wedding. Senser, the minister’s real name, is a true definition of humility. He is soft spoken and on this day he was tieing the knot with his lovely fiance, now wife, […]

Best wedding photographer in Nairobi kenya


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I received an email from someone by an interesting name, ‘INSURANCE MAN.’ My expectation at that point was to get some introduction to an insurance policy. On the contrary, it was a request from Geoffrey Bowman to engage Muchiri Frames services to his forthcoming wedding. Bowman was preparing to tie the knot with his lovely fiancé, Shiprah Gituri. […]