Kenes Graduation day

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Kinenes graduation sofa
As He prepared, “This seat was waiting for Him” .. I thought!
Kinenes mom graduation day
A mum will always be “a mum”
Kinene and his parents on graduation day
Wamenitoa Mbali!…
Crispus Kinenes Son
My Old Man..
Wanagari Kenene on Brothers graduation
Big sister!
Monique... Kinenes lil sis
Kinene and sisters
Called them his Angels…
Wangaa, kinenesbig sister
Monique Thuku_Kinenes lil sis
Monique and her cuteness…
Women in Kinenes life_graduation day
Thi Girls!
Monique Thuku and Wangaa_Kinenes Graduation
….some Att…
Kinenes sisters_graduation day
some looooove…..
Kinenes Graduation_Kenyatta University
And my BOYZ!
Kinenes Graduation.Kenyatta University...
Sema Selfie….
Kinenes Graduation_Kenyatta University
We all succeed…
will miss all my friends….
Kinenes Graduation. KU in the sun
Happy in the sun!
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