Kereka Video Behind the scenes

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To God be All Glory. May His message touch people through this Jam!… Big-Ups to Sammy Dee, DK Kwenye Beat, Hanna Kay, Ndanu and all the guys who gave a smile to my Lens when we were doing this. God Bless you in all you Do! Big ups to you too my fan!. I Love […]

1 Reason why people will love your photo shoot.

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Figuring out what to wear for your photos shouldn’t be something to stress about. Photo shoots are the most exciting events. People get a lot of pressure to look good and feel confident in front of the camera, when all they need is colored outfits that feel comfortable and relaxing. Some people go from wardrobe […]

Monique Graduation Day

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In ‘primary’ school, they used to tell us “pass with flying colors”.. haha.. this photos are really colorful. Monique and Chiri must have passed. LoL Congratulations  Beautiful people. We thank God for taking you through school for all those years. He must be so in love with you “think about it”. May He grant you […]

Matt and Maggy. EXPECTING!

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Hey buddy Thank you for dropping by; I would like to Thank Our Almighty God for creating us these Beautiful people, Matt and Maggy. May their life be filled with joy, favor, Blessings and most of all Love. May that beautiful Angel who was born the next day after this shoot bring you Happiness beyond Human […]