Mama and Baby Ethan!

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A few weeks ago, Keziah received a gift. To friends, It was the greatest news. Well, I had never photographed a baby younger than two months before. but sincerely, Baby Ethan is just the most Adorable kid I have met. His photos were like those of a Model, reacted to mama’s kisses like he knew […]

Madaraka Day Children’s Home Visitation

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Every year, as Kenyans commemorate the day we attained internal self-rule in 1963, The StAY Alive fellowship go out to give back to the community by visiting a Children’s Home. A tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation of StAY Alivers. This year was no different. I got the pleasure of joining […]

Matt and Maggy. EXPECTING!

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Hey buddy Thank you for dropping by; I would like to Thank Our Almighty God for creating us these Beautiful people, Matt and Maggy. May their life be filled with joy, favor, Blessings and most of all Love. May that beautiful Angel who was born the next day after this shoot bring you Happiness beyond Human […]